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    5 fun but cheap activities for your New Year’s Eve party

    id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney. David Clare / First Light Photography Many holidays — especially Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah — celebrate friends, family and togetherness. But New Year’s Eve is the king of group activities. No matter what you do tomorrow night, it will probably involve spending time with friends and family. For many years, that evening in my home was celebrated as “classic movie night” — we’d watch a pair of films off the AFI Top 100 list, which was both entertaining and culturally enriching. (Hey, you should take at least one day a year to grow as a person.)  You’re free to adopt my…

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    15 Tips For Writing A Perfect Article On Your Blog

    A good title The title of a post is the first detail in which the readers of a blog are posted. Therefore, invest time in choosing a good title that invites reading the content of the text. The readers especially value the contents that besides being informative are practical because they offer solutions in a specific area. Include one of the keywords of the text in the title for better positioning. A close language The language of blogs is close, simple and direct. Try the reader. It contributes contents of the value written in an understandable tone. You can link sources of consultation if you quote an author, a recent…